• Be equipped with a professional tool, which is both easy and has intuition skills; this allows the company to solve in house problems without the need to resort to additional expensive external services every time problems occur.
  • Allows potential clients to get a better view of the environment, the services and the product being presented.
  • Engaging potential clients by keeping them on the company’s pages longer
  • Makes your visual communication complete, engaging and effective

Thanks to the ultra-panoramic camera, XR Virtual Presence acquires the images that are then processed by the software; it produces a compelling, realistic and immersive preview of the environments, viewable in virtual reality through a special viewer with has the ability to move to different observation points


  • Hardware: 360 ° camera and a standalone viewer
  • Software: installed, configured and functional
  • Training: four hours of training on how to use the system delivered by our specialists

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