• Comfort and free movement thanks to movement grading.
  • Simulation area measuring from 3×3 to 10×10 meters.
  • Natural hand-free interaction without the need of joysticks or other controlling devices.
  • Direct imports from CAD files without exports or indirect steps.
  • Very high graphic quality and fluidity of movements.
  • Real-time virtualization of the user’s body.


The exclusive functionality that records the ideal hand movements and re-proposes them as holograms during virtual training: it is a reference for learning and an aid in case of difficulty.


XR Training is an innovative and flexible tool for accelerating and optimizing the process of staff training. whether for new resources, resource relocation or efficiency of processes, virtualization improves all these phases.

  • Familiarization: allows to interact freely with the virtual machine line. therefore, staff can learn how to operate without engaging the equipment and without causing damage.
  • Training: it is possible to train workers to use the machinery, by providing visual instructions for every step of the procedure through an exclusive holographic system.
  • Assessment: verify the preparation of a worker in the use of a specific piece of machinery or of a specific procedure.

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