New digital instruments are used to optimize and increase the efficiency of the already consolidated processes: a hybrid and perfectly integrated workflow.

  • Rendering is eliminated: both the project and its modifications are uploaded in real-time.
  • The project is used in an engaging way, with a perception of space and dimensions unimaginable with traditional means.
  • The evaluation of errors and imperfections is experiential and immediate.

Makes design easy: it gives a better understanding of space  and in addition allows to simulate flows and interferences;  this permits tweaking the project in an intuitive and quick way.

It enhances communication: showing the customer a production line or a designed environment becomes exciting and engaging.


XR Design is perfectly integrated into 3d modeling and design flow using only 3 steps:

  • Importation of the cad model already generally used.
  • Automatic real-time creation of the virtual environment.
  • Exploration and interaction thanks to the use of the visor.


  • Hardware: includes computer, viewer/visor, tracking system and sensoristics.

  • Software: installed, configured and working with a base virtual station.

  • Installation: including minimum 3×3, maximum 10×10.

  • Training: 8 hours provided by our specialists on the use of the system.

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