M&S Engineering’s can give our customers tailored solutions to improve the competitivity of their processes. Integrated solutions for training, assistance, design and creation of interactive environments. 


A virtual reality system that reinvent training. It’s able to simulate work stations, machines and procedures in all stages of the familiarization assessment. With a simulation area measuring, offer a comfort movement thanks to large grading and a natural hand-free interaction without the need of joysticks or other controlling devices. Moreover, an exclusive functionality records the ideal hand movements and re-proposes them as holograms during virtual training. 

Staff can learn how to operate without engaging the equipment and without causing damage and it’s possible to train workers to use the machinery, by providing visual instructions for every step of the procedure.


XR Design is a system that makes design and development more intuitive and faster thanks to a new space perception and real-time display: is perfectly integrated into 3d modeling and design flow using importation of the Cad model, automatic real-time creation of the virtual environment and exploration and interaction thanks to the use of the visor.

New digital instruments are used to optimize and increase the efficiency of the already consolidated processes: a hybrid and perfectly integrated workflow. XR Design gives a better understanding of space and in addition allows to simulate flows and interferences; this permits tweaking the project in an intuitive and quick way.


An easy-to-use tool that allows you to autonomously create virtual interactive 360° photographic environments without using an external professional service. 

Thanks to the ultra-panoramic camera, XR Virtual Presence acquires the images that are then processed by the software; it produces a compelling, realistic and immersive preview of the environments, viewable in virtual reality through a special viewer with has the ability to move to different observation points. 

Be equipped with a professional tool, which is both easy and has intuition skills; this allows the company to solve in house problems without the need to resort to additional expensive external services every time problems occur, allows potential clients to get a better view of the environment, the services and the product being presented and engaging potential clients by keeping them on the company’s pages longer.